Monday, November 3, 2014

Flash Fiction: Daddy's lil whore PART 2

Daddy’s lil whore- Part Two
Daddy is still training his lil slut and so it is with a great amount of thought that he will proceed with her when he is using her to serve him.   Daddy tells his little girl that he wants to fill all of her holes so that she knows that they belong to him.  Daddy tells his lil slut to go upstairs to the bedroom and stand by the bed and wait for him. 
When daddy comes in the room his lil slut is waiting for him with her head down, legs spread and hands behind her back.  Daddy has her take the plug out and put it in the washroom and clean up.           
Daddy then tells her to get up on the bed face down and ass in the air.  Daddy has his lil slut spread her ass cheeks and he looks at his property.  He likes what he sees.  He asks his lil slut if she wants Daddy to come inside her ass tonight and she states that she wants him to cum where he wants.  Daddy asks his little slut if she likes it when he cums deep in her ass and lil slut replies I love it when you cum in my ass and use me like a whore Daddy.    Daddy takes out two vibrators, one is fairly large and the other is medium.  He tells his lil slut that we are going to play a game.  Daddy then says that he is going to put one vibe in her ass and one in her pussy.  Her job is to keep them in both while he fucks her face. 
If she drops either out of her ass or her pussy he uses the brush to spank her 25 times.  Lil slut knows this is a setup and that she is going to have some remarkable bruises tomorrow.  The brush is the one thing that lil hates more than anything and she knows that the more she gets turned on, the wetter she will be because she is a huge whore that cannot keep from lusting after cock.  Especially her Daddy’s cock. 
Daddy put the first vibe in her pussy, it was of course the larger of the two and it fit fairly snug.  She closed her legs and clenched really hard so that she would not drop it.  Daddy then put the other vibe in her ass, and it took a lot of concentration for lil to keep the one in her pussy to stay.  Lil was getting excited, and she felt that this was definitely a temporary situation.  Lil Slut then brought her head up and arms out so that she could be ready to receive her Daddy’s cock in her mouth.
Daddy took a hold of her pony tails and started to rhythmically move in and out without a problem.  Lil continued to concentrate on keeping both holes filled and she got to a place where she felt like she had control.  But then Daddy started to get very aggressive with his cock in her mouth and she her concentration was going back and forth from keeping things where they were and breathing through the heavy pounding she was getting in her mouth and at the back of her throat.  She was trying to not bite Sir because this was something that had been drilled into her head but it was so difficult to make that happen.  She felt her pussy getting wetter and wetter, the saliva from her mouth was running down her face, and her ass was starting to throb with the fullness.  Lil Slut was having a hard time, she felt like she might even orgasm which she did not have permission to do.   Lil slut was losing control and Daddy was making good use of his lil whores mouth. 
Lil slut could not tell him that she was losing it, she could not explain how hard she was trying.  She was a whore and there was no excuse for disappointing Daddy.   And with that thought the vibe in her pussy shot out onto the bed and lil slut started to cry.  
Daddy tells his lil slut it is okay, that she will pay the price and it will be over and she can go back to  playing his whore after. 
She is mortified that he is going to be using the hair brush on her, she hates the hair brush and she knows that this is why he chooses to use it.  It is to send a clear message to her about who is in charge and how he is the only one to make these choices. 
Daddy tells his lil slut to put her face back down to the pillow, and to put her hands back and grab her ankles.  Daddy then ties her hands in place and puts a strap around her knees to keep them in place as well.  Daddy thinks of everything.  Daddy explains that this is to help her so that she does not get into trouble not keeping in place. 
Daddy makes good on his promise of 25 spanks with the brush and Lil slut squirms against her bonds and cries out several times.  She earns a couple extra for swearing but Daddy does not make her start over.  Daddy is very merciful at times and Lil Slut is reminded of this often.   When Daddy is done he  sits back and admires his lil sluts ass, all nice and rosie.  He gently strokes her hot ass cheeks and feels the welts that have gathered.  He then asks his lil slut where Daddy should cum and she answers where ever he desires. 
Daddy wastes no time plunging his hard cock in her ass and within minutes he is pumping and cumming inside her deep in her ass.  Daddy then takes off her binds and tells her that he will be expecting her cleaned up and ready for her other punishments in 15 minutes down stairs where it all began.