Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Great potetial but did not work out with his wife: Laying the foundation....

This was really the best potential for a Daddy/Dom relationship for me but unfortunately his life partner and sub was not able to get over the jealousy, he would pay hell every time he would make contact with me which at first was quite a few times a day since he started out with me needing to tell him every time I had to pee.  Which weirdly became quite often since having to report it every time.  I was the weirdest experience since I had to kind of plan ahead.  The deal was that I would ask if I could pee and he would answer.  If he did not answer within 10  minutes I could just go.  I did get in trouble a couple of times for forgetting.
The wife was involved, we even met for lunch a couple of times and talked many times about "our Dom" but the overall assessment of it from my side was that she was not feeling fulfilled and secure with their relationship and so a third was just not going to work.  Her words did not match her actions.  We actually had a pretty good potential to be good friends as well.  We have a lot of the same vanilla interests. 
  So unfortunately I am still periodically in contact with this person but we are not able to carry on with a D/s  relationship.  but the following was the basic beginning rules that he established.  

Boss:  Following the rules and guidelines will bring rewards and happiness to your life and in turn will make you responsible for your own happiness.  Alternatively, not following them will bring sadness and punishment.  The end results therefor are your own.  Understand?

lil slut:  Yes.

Boss:  Remember this as you may be asked to know and repeat if asked....
Don't think- just do!
Don't hesitate - just do!
Don't Question- just do!

lil slut:  Okay.

Boss:  Learning to be the best slut takes time.  Takes discipline and takes willingness to learn about how to better your self for me.

lil slut:  Okay.

Boss:  You will advise me of your clothing choices for the day and at any time you change them so I may monitor your choices.

Boss:  You will advise me of your meals and snacks again so I may monitor your meals and choices....

 Boss:  You will advise me when you shower or bathe as well.

lil slut:  Okay...but I am about to eat some soup I have not eaten today....

Boss:  You will inform me of all your daily activities, especially when you leave to go someplace and when you return. 

lil slut:  I have to tell you when I leave my house and when I return. 

Boss:   Not just your house, your work, home or anywhere else you go.  And then when you are leaving to return from your trip. 

lil slut:  Okay.

Boss:  You must now from this time forward  ask me for permission  to go on to fetlife...accepting friendships on fetlife.

lil slut:  Okay...but what about my blog?

Boss:  I would like to see you continue with your blog daily if at all possible.

Boss:  Your sexual and bodily needs are now under my control...you must ask permission  before having sex or masturbation and you must perform if instructed as well...you must ask permission to orgasm as well.

lil slut:  So just for clarification:  I have to ask permission to have sex with my husband?  What if I did not have a chance to ask and he wants sex.  I have never denied him sex ever.

Boss:  Asking permission only if you initiate....never deny if he wants....but you must report to me ALL DETAILS of the encounter.

Boss:  This is a big one.... You may no longer urinate without my permission...if you ask for permission and I am unable to answer within 10 min. you may then relieve yourself...bowel movements are not included.

lil slut:  OMG really....

Boss:  Told you it was a big one...but for me...an important discipline one...

lil slut: Fine

lil slut:  Can I at least have the first one or middle of the night one without asking?

Boss:  Yes...that's a reasonable compromise for now.
Boss:  Actually the first one is most common so that has to stay in place...

lil slut:  It would raise suspicion with him if he notices.

Boss:  There is the 10 min. guideline for any communication issues. Missing one now and again due to suspicious spouses will be taken into consideration....

lil slut:  Ok I will do my best.

Boss:  I'm not oblivious to your situation and will consider it at all times as I would expect you to do the same for mine....its all about that balance.

lil slut:  Okay.

Boss:  that's the gist of it for now....there is a lot more to come and it will get a lot harder... we can discuss the penalty portion a little later.

Boss:  any questions or concerns or just thoughts before I go?

lil slut:  No I will just think for a bit.

Boss:  Have a good day my lil slut....I'll be thinking of you.....

lil slut:  Ty.