Saturday, October 25, 2014

Flash Fiction: Daddy's lil whore- PART 1

Daddy’s Little Whore- Part one
Daddy has decided that he is really horny and he has asked his little slut to take care of his needs and to go above and beyond the usual.   She has 30 minutes to prepare herself and come up with a plan to entertain her Daddy and is warned not to disappoint him. 
Lil Girl goes upstairs to get ready and she jumps in the shower and shaves her underarms,  and legs.  Her pussy has been recently waxed but she makes sure it is clean so that Daddy can inspect his lil slut and see that she is being well taken care of.  She then gets out of the shower and oils her pussy and lotions the rest of her body so that she is nice and soft.  First of all Lil Slut decides to have a little fun with Daddy and plan to dress up for him.  She finds herself a matching bra and panty with little bows on it, and she puts her hair up in Pig tails.  She knows her Daddy likes it when she wears pigtails and she matches the bows in her hair with the bows on her under garments. 
Then Lil Slut decides that she is going to bring Daddy his favorite paddle with the little heart cut out along with her punishment list before she is asked because she knows that Daddy likes to clear up any naughty business before playing with his lil slut.  Lil Slut sits at her Daddy’s feet with her legs spread, chest out, ass sitting back on her heels.  She has one hand behind her head and is attempting to hand her Daddy the list and the paddle.  He takes is and asks his little slut what presents she has brought him.  Lil slut explains that she has been a very bad girl and wishes to acknowledge that she needs to do better and that she is ready to receive her punishment in order to not have negativity come between them.
Daddy orders his lil girl to stand in the corner with both hands behind her head , legs spread and knees leaning against the wall with her torso  away from the wall while he reads over the list of punishments.  He also hands her the new plug that he bought for such an occasion and tells her to get it in her ass so that she can wear it for her spanking.    Lil Girl is concerned about the size of the new plug and the fact that she has no lubrication to put it in with.  Lil girl decides that she needs to work quickly because the slightest hesitation could cause Daddy disappointment and in that will most definitely cause more punishment for lil slut.  She pulls down her panties and before sticking the plug in her ass she puts it in her mouth to try and moisten it up enough to help ease it into her tight ass.  Lil girl then turns around so that Daddy can see her and she bends over and places the largest plug she has ever had in her ass while Daddy piers over the list in his hand and then comments that she needs to pull up those panties and get to the corner.
Lil slut is going over in her head what is written on the paper and what comes to mind is that she has been disrespectful, talked back, forgot to ask for permission for many things, did not report many things and touched herself without permission from her Daddy.  She got pulled over for speeding, she left her phone at home and he was not able to get in touch with her for over 3 hours.  All things that he has punished her for before, but she somehow just keeps forgetting.   Daddy always says he does not like to repeat himself.  Lil slut is very worried that he will punish her worse than ever before.  Daddy just does not know what it is like to be a lil slut. 
Daddy calls his lil slut over to him and begins by telling her that he loves and cares deeply for his little girl.  He stated that he has the rules in place to protect her, to keep her safe and to help her be a better person and to show others what a good girl she can be.  When she is not following the rules she is showing him great disrespect and he cannot have that.  Daddy decides that he will spank his little slut for the incidences listed but he is going to do something different.  He is going to give 10 spanks for each one with a different implement for each one.  He gives his lil slut 8 minutes to go upstairs and bring back 9 more implements for the eight things on his list.  He does not want to have to send her back if he is not happy with the implements she has chosen.  This way he has more than enough to choose from.  He also tells her that she will sleep in the corner tonight on her dog bed and she will have no pillow just a sheet and no clothes.  She will also wear her collar and be tethered to the corner eye bolt. 
Lil slut does what she is told, she is afraid to choose the implements but knows that 8 minutes is not long and she does not stop to think on any one item long.  Lil slut picks up a dragon tail, a rope flogger, leather flogger, large round leather paddle, wooden paddle, bamboo salad spoon with slots,  back scratcher and his favorite old standby leather belt.   None of this is going to be fun, it is sounding like Daddy has been planning this for a long time.  It has been two weeks since my last infraction and it was just a quick punishment.  He threatened if things did not get better we would be going to regular maintenance punishments three times a week.  And if that did not get the message across he will spank me every morning when I get up and every night before bed to keep me on the right path.  I am totally rethinking the rolling of my eyes and the smart ass remarks right now.  I do not know what comes over me.  In fact I try to tell him that as he gets started.
Daddy decides that we are going to break the list in half to start with and then break and lil slut can act like the nasty little whore that Daddy has come to enjoy. 
So Daddy pulls his little slut over his lap, puts his leg over hers tells lil slut to keep her hands on the floor, and keep still.  I puts all of the implements in some sort of order that lil slut can no longer see because her hair is in her face which is down turned and looking at the floor.
Daddy reads the first of the infractions, and says that he is going to give 5 hand spanks to get this party started but then he will go on from there with the different implements.  He makes his little girl count out every spank, and asks her to recite why it is so important for Daddy to have these rules for her in between each infraction and by the time the forth implement was used, lil slut could no longer think about anything but how to make her Daddy happy, she stopped concentrating on which implement was used and stopped wiggling around and just focused on him. She even forgot about the deep vibration of the plug that she felt every time that he came in contact with a heavier implement and her ass.   When it was over he held her and told her that she is forgiven for her infraction so far and expects that she will have learned so that they can avoid this in the future. 
Lil slut is then told to get on her knees in front of him and to take off her clothes for him and then to start sucking his cock.  Lil slut does as she is told and she puts her hand under his balls and begins to roll them around in her hand while she sucks his cock.  First she puts it all the way back to the back of her throat, and then out again to focus for a few seconds on the head.  Then back to the back of her throat ever so diligent about keeping her teeth from grazing his tender cock.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Wearing His plug

Its been a long time since this has been required of me but....
It is appealing for me to wear His plug…He chose it, and it was a gift from Him.  

During the day, at night or in public, the basic reason seems to be the same:  To feel His control, to know that I am wearing it for Him because He wants it and He likes knowing I am wearing it.  No matter where He is while I am wearing it,  I feel closer to Him.  

In a public setting it creates this secret we know but others don’t, however my head plays games and it still thinks they might.  This in my case makes me blush a little every time I think about it.  

At night as I sleep (try to sleep) I love that I wake up and remember that I am wearing it, again because He wants it and gets pleasure in the fact that I am doing it just for Him. 

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Discipline of a Naughty Irish Imp: His Touch

Discipline of a Naughty Irish Imp: His Touch:   10/11/2014 Oh how I love his touch. His hands both administer the pain I crave and deliver me from it. My Daddy has large, st...

I love this so much I needed to share.

Monday, October 6, 2014

BDMS Room 101

I was just cruising blogland and came upon something that interested me.

Tori from Pains Pleasure blogged about a Bdsm room 101 She asks others to write what they would put in there.
So room 101 anyone familiar with George Orwell's book Nineteen Eighty-Four will know what im referring to there is also a television program called Room 101, the idea being that people can choose 3 things which they would put into room 101 to be is in effect peoples worst i figure i need a bdsm room 101.

In answer to the question what 3 things would I put in BDSM room 101, never to come back?  I will include two things I have experience with and one thing that I am too scared to try.

1.   I do not like clover clamps, they are too pinchie!  I had to modify mine and still I have a hard time with them.  I tolerate adjustable nipple clamps much better but probably up til now I have done the adjusting....Does that even count?  muahhahaha...

2.  I would like to ban the hair brush....I really hate the hair brush...I do not know what makes the brush so different from any other implement that I have tried, which at this point is pretty limited,  but the hair brush is the worst.

3.  I am extremely afraid of electricity.  I would never want to play with Neon Wands, Violet Wands and TENS Units- I have a TENS unit for back pain but in no way am I open to placing that thing on my most intimate body parts.  

I found the following entry that another writer put in her BDSM room 101 and I thought it was interesting:
(For those who don't remember/know, the rule is this: Slave shall neither close nor cross her legs in Master's presence. Slave's legs shall be spread so that no part of the legs touch each other but may be commanded to increase of decrease this as desired by Master.)
This rule she wanted in her room but her Master vetoed it!  and since she brought it up she got punished for not following that rule regularly.  Oops!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Snip-its from others because they sometimes just say it best. 1

I love reading the blogs of others and over a period of time I have collected a few Snip-Its as I call them to share and added a comment or two to the mix. My words in purple...

June 13, 2014
Stella in "I Am Not" writes:
I am not a brat, though sometimes I act like one.
I push because I want you to be the one who doesn’t take it, the one who makes it past my defense mechanisms.
I am not a baby, but I melt when you call me baby.
It means you cherish me and want to take care of me. It means you will protect me.
I am not a Domme, but I act like one at work.
I am the boss, the one in charge, the one who sets the rules and makes the decisions.
I am a masochist, but I don’t like to be hurt.
I am glad you know the difference.
I am not a slave, though sometimes I act like one.
I like to serve you, to make you happy.
I give you control, but I don’t lose control.
In handing over control to you I am able to just relax and be me, to not worry about all the details.
I am not a pet, but you do own me.
Every orgasm, every part of me belongs to you.
I am not a slut, but I like it when you treat me like one.
I like when you make me do the things I am shy about but deep down really want to do.
I am a submissive, though I don’t always act like one.
 by StellaKink

Most of this just hits the nail on the head and I cannot even comment in a way that says it better.  

Naughty Irish Imp writes in her post:
"I truly love that he holds me accountable and punishes me when I fall short. His discipline is an anchor to me in my, at times, chaotic lil world. Having him always there to support me, to teach me, to discipline means the world to me because it shows me every single day how much he cares for me."
This just kind of says it all.... I want a Daddy/Dom  of my own.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Whiney Brat!

Lets see I am feeling a bit like a Whiney brat.    I am so in need of attention and by that I mean a good spanking I want to scream~

Please!  Please! Please!

I am tired of waiting!


Exactly my point!