Saturday, March 29, 2014

First daily task....

 So I have decided to call my Dom the Home Boss since he only sort of fits the definition of dominant.  He has attempted to be the disciplinarian but frankly he is pretty bashful with it.  However that is not to say that I don't feel the need to submit, I just get away with a lot more than I should....But that is different post all together.

So Home Boss gave me a daily task about two months ago at my request because I just felt like we were not connecting, I was not feeling "subbish" enough for my liking.  So one night before bed he says I would like you to wake up and give me head in the morning.  Of course I kind of laugh it off and say okay honey.....
Morning came and guess what,  I knew what I was suppose to do but something inside of me would not allow me to do it.  I was waiting for something....  I could tell that he was waiting but he did not say a word about it for a long time.  So this is what I mean by he sort of fits the definition of dominant.  Instead of taking action he gets miffed and says something resembling  "I asked only one thing of you and you cannot do it.....How can I give you a daily task when you cannot do what I ask.....Then he basically dismissed me, which I cannot stand, and tells me to get ready for work.  I am sure I ended up in tears in the shower.  I tried to explain that I knew what I was supposed to do but something just held me back, like I needed something else to happen.  He did not want my excuses.

Believe me when I tell you I felt off the whole day!  It really disturbed me that he was upset with me.  I hate it when he is passive aggressive I would prefer to get the business and get it over with.
So I did go to work and had a miserable day.

As the evening came to a close and we were sitting watching television  I told him I was sorry and that I would try to do better but I really needed him to tell me not ask me sometimes. I told him if you make it sound like it is optional, then in my bratty brain it is optional.  I will push the envelope every time.   So his response was every day from here out your daily task will be to wake up and give me head without being asked.   So my daily task has happened about 97% of the time since then with the only time I did not do it he told me not to because I was not feeling well.  

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