Sunday, September 21, 2014

Words from a fellow blogger that I follow "Happily Surrendered and Submissive.  "I am feeling like the life preserver is just out of reach right now and I am just getting tired." 
This is extremely close to how I feel on a regular basis, as I have expressed several times.
It describes the feeling of being just out of reach, unable to get to the much needed sanctuary of peace. 
It is hard to imagine in the vanilla world that we all operate in on a usual basis this need that we have for dominance, to have someone take control, and take away my choices, which we all know is our choice.
 It is such a new concept  for me.  If someone in my vanilla life tries to take my choices away I get pretty defiant and do what I damn well please.  So why is this so different?


  1. NT,
    So very humbled that my blog struck a chord in you! Thank you.

    And, that tired of treading water feeling, is just painful at times isn't it? So sorry you are feeling this so much. Keep writing. Keep letting it spill out. It really does help.

    XOXO Pearl

    1. Yes painful at times...
      It is nice to write but even nicer to get other people's responses to what I write. I love hearing from you. I see the writings of others and it feels like there are tiny threads joining us together with little truths in everything I read that hit home with me.