Sunday, April 27, 2014

Definition: Sub-Tease

Sub-Tease is usually a conversation or just a simple sentence that starts or ends with "if you were mine....", "If I owned you..." or "If you belonged to me" or something the like and usually follows up with some sort of threat of punishment due to some unapproved behavior.

For example:  I was talking about my daily task to a Dom in one of my chats.  He asked if I had performed my task that morning and his response was the following:  

Dom: That is not acceptable, Needy. You know it.

me: Yes but in my defense he had sex last night.

Dom: And your point is what?  It is not your decision, girl, if you perform the task or not. 

me: Well in a way it is....he finished up in a place I won't go afterward. 

(Now I am really embarrassed.")

Dom: Explain, Needy. 

me:  Omg....plain English...he came in my ass! (more embarrassment)

Dom: I see. Then you either wash off his cock before sucking him off or jerk him off, girl. Again, his decision not yours. 

me:  Way to watch out for him.

Dom: Watch your mouth, girl.   "if your were mine"   I wouldn't tolerate such. Rest assured if you didn't complete a task I gave without permission or a damn good reason then you'd be punished. 

So you see what I am talking about a sub-tease? Just the first couple words "Watch your mouth, girl"  gets a physical reaction that starts with my jaw and travels the length of my spine and ends at my "Girl-ie" parts.  My nipples get hard and I instantly get wet panties.  I have to squeeze my legs together in order to stop the sensations.  Hard to believe its just that easy.


  1. So glad that I am not the only one :-)

    1. I am sure ee are not the only ones. Thanks for your comment I am very happy to hear from others!

  2. Meant to say We are not the only ones. Damn the phone!