Wednesday, June 18, 2014

I Saw this and had to write about it.....

Act Bad- There is acting bad as in "naughty girl stuff" which is kind of the basis of TTWD or in my case TTIWID (the things I wish I did) then there is acting badly.  I can sometimes unintentionally become "full of piss and vinegar" which inevitably  leads me to react before I think first.  It is not unusual for me too feel bad about my behavior, especially if I know that I have hurt someone with my words, or actions.     I often will catch it as it is coming out and then laugh at myself about how ridiculous I sounded and apologize on the spot which helps the situation especially with people who know that is not how I usually behave or at least not how I mean to behave.  This is where I welcome being called out and accountable. This is where I could use some proper motivation to think before I act and not be so impulsive or selfish with my actions.  Spank! Spank!

Look Sexy- Feeling sexy some what more likely, but accepting that I look sexy in anyway is difficult to buy.  One of the rules that my potential play partner has is "You must always remember how pleased Master is when you think of yourself as sexy and showing off your assets. No tolerance of self disparity will be allowed." This is a rule that will most definitely get me into trouble until I am able to change my self image issues.  Feeling sexy comes easier because when I take the physical appearance out of the equation it becomes more about attitude.  Being sexy, feeling sexy, feeding off other peoples reactions, and trusting that what others see in me is different than what I see.   Not everyone can look like the beautiful woman in the picture above, but they can feel like her.

Talk Dirty- I have a hard time verbally expressing sexual things.  I am very careful and it takes a lot of work to express it in my writing.  It has been easier to write it for like minded people but I have never been one to talk openly about sex prior to this.  But when I hear it, I have a very pleasant physical reaction.  My "girlie parts" get all excited.  Talk dirty to me!

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