Thursday, July 10, 2014

Gone out of reach....Humph!

So I am really bothered by the fact that my phone a friend/ potential Master is off on vacation and "out of cell service".  So I asked for a task to help me feel "connected" and prevent me from getting "weirdly insecure."  I know, I know I am sounding stupid, we have no commitment to each other but we do have some sort of contact most every day.  Chatting about various things, some smut some just plain ole daily happenings.
His response was the following:
  "Each day you will take a picture in your panties and each day you will include more of your body in the photo.  Also each day you will tell me a reason why you deserve 10 extra hand spanks."
My response: Thank you!
My text this morning: I deserve 10 extra hand spanks because I deleted ten other pictures before settling on this one.

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