Saturday, July 19, 2014

What I am afraid of......

I am afraid of being vulnerable.
I am afraid that if I start something with you beyond where we are, I will never want to stop.
I am afraid that once it goes that far that I cannot take it back.
I am afraid of being naked in front of you.
I am afraid of unrealistic expectation that would eventually turn into a hell all of its own.
I am afraid of knowing what I do not know.
I am afraid of turning fantasy into a reality and then when it ends I will know what I am missing.  As long as it is just fantasy I really don't know exactly "what" I am missing, only that I a missing "something."
I am afraid of being a disappointment to you, not meeting your expectations.
I am afraid that underneath all of "this" there is a real person with real feelings and insecurities.
I am afraid of the guilt.

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