Monday, May 5, 2014

Waiting for a Great Storm.

   I am struggling with so much lately... Ups an downs, depression, frustration, irritation and agitation.  So much so that I am just at a loss for how to manage it.  I am so full of piss and vinegar that I cannot real it in.

   I have been waiting so long for a great storm.   I just need a storm to come in with its magnificent power.  To create the kind of chaos that ends up in a calmness and peace.  Insane but when you think of a storm as a form of cleansing, where the loose branches fall,  the dead leaves blow away, the strong and sturdy trees remain rooted and standing tall.  After the storm and clean up what is left is peaceful and beautiful.  A gift of Gratitude left in its wake.  Grateful for what was not lost.  Grateful for the simplicity of what life has to offer.  Grateful that the storm is over and that you survived its furry and came out better for it.

   My storm is brewing inside me.  Disrupting my concentration, intruding on my thoughts, disturbing my sleep.    Its stirring up everywhere I go, creating messes, and kicking up dust.


  1. Pretty powerful lady. You make a storm sound enticing. Nobody wants it, but that cleansing you described is so real. You can't help but be grateful in the end. I hope you see a rainbow soon.

    Love Coral

    1. Thanks Coral, I have found it very refreshing to get these thoughts out of my head and it is nice to hear from others who can relate to them. This is a pretty steady state of mind for me and yes I too hope to see a rainbow soon.