Monday, October 6, 2014

BDMS Room 101

I was just cruising blogland and came upon something that interested me.

Tori from Pains Pleasure blogged about a Bdsm room 101 She asks others to write what they would put in there.
So room 101 anyone familiar with George Orwell's book Nineteen Eighty-Four will know what im referring to there is also a television program called Room 101, the idea being that people can choose 3 things which they would put into room 101 to be is in effect peoples worst i figure i need a bdsm room 101.

In answer to the question what 3 things would I put in BDSM room 101, never to come back?  I will include two things I have experience with and one thing that I am too scared to try.

1.   I do not like clover clamps, they are too pinchie!  I had to modify mine and still I have a hard time with them.  I tolerate adjustable nipple clamps much better but probably up til now I have done the adjusting....Does that even count?  muahhahaha...

2.  I would like to ban the hair brush....I really hate the hair brush...I do not know what makes the brush so different from any other implement that I have tried, which at this point is pretty limited,  but the hair brush is the worst.

3.  I am extremely afraid of electricity.  I would never want to play with Neon Wands, Violet Wands and TENS Units- I have a TENS unit for back pain but in no way am I open to placing that thing on my most intimate body parts.  

I found the following entry that another writer put in her BDSM room 101 and I thought it was interesting:
(For those who don't remember/know, the rule is this: Slave shall neither close nor cross her legs in Master's presence. Slave's legs shall be spread so that no part of the legs touch each other but may be commanded to increase of decrease this as desired by Master.)
This rule she wanted in her room but her Master vetoed it!  and since she brought it up she got punished for not following that rule regularly.  Oops!

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