Monday, October 13, 2014

Wearing His plug

Its been a long time since this has been required of me but....
It is appealing for me to wear His plug…He chose it, and it was a gift from Him.  

During the day, at night or in public, the basic reason seems to be the same:  To feel His control, to know that I am wearing it for Him because He wants it and He likes knowing I am wearing it.  No matter where He is while I am wearing it,  I feel closer to Him.  

In a public setting it creates this secret we know but others don’t, however my head plays games and it still thinks they might.  This in my case makes me blush a little every time I think about it.  

At night as I sleep (try to sleep) I love that I wake up and remember that I am wearing it, again because He wants it and gets pleasure in the fact that I am doing it just for Him. 


  1. My glass plug is my favorite thing among the list of things that Mistress K. will require that I wear under my clothes for the day. One of my rapidly becoming other favorite things is to be allowed to wear my plug to sleep. Love it!. Laying there, feeling it in place, snugly, give me a feeling of safety and comfort, especially when I am away from Mistress.

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  3. Thanks for your comment sub hub in phx...nice to know others get what I am saying.

  4. oh my I get what you are saying, and the anxiety the plug creates in me..that others will know or find out...I love that.

    1. Yes little it adds a little thrill to the whole ordeal!